Salvam pisici?

“Groaznic si situatie disperata”, cuvinte pe care nu prea ne place sa le folosim, dar in cazul de fata nu gasim altele.
Am fost solicitati de un administrator de bloc din cartierul Militari sa “facem ceva pentru ca nu se mai putea trai”, datorita unei garsoniere in care o batrana adapostea nu mai putin de 29 de pisici intr-o mizerie de nedescris.

Dupa vizita de evaluare ne-am dat seama ca nu avem o solutie de lunga durata si ca ne-ar fi fost mult mai usor sa refuzam implicarea, putand da vina pe orice: lipsa spatiu, timp, fonduri, planuri clare, solutii pentru animale sau ca ar fi sub demnitatea personala.

Cu toate acestea, duminica dimineata ne-am mobilizat cum am putut si cu ce am avut disponibil, pentru a incerca sa salvam pisicile si sa incepem igenizarea garsonierei.

Toate animelele au fost prinse si duse la clinica, unde au fost evaluate, tratate si sterilizate. In momentul de fata ne confruntam cu situatia cumplita de a avea internate 29 de fiinte, toate inrudite (provenind din o singura pereche), nu in cea mai buna stare de sanatate, speriate, iar ultimul lucru pe care ni-l dorim este sa le ducem inapoi.

In numele lor va cerem ajutorul ca pana marti (15 Martie) sa gasim solutii pentru cat mai multe dintre ele, precum: cazare temporata (in carantina) sau adoptie permanenta. Ne adresam aici tuturor celor care ar putea sa se implice: asociatii, cabinete, adaposturi, persoane private. Din pacate de marti nu le vom mai putea tine in clinica.

PS. Va rugam sa fim constructivi si sa incerca sa directionam toata atentia noastra asupra animalelor pe care trebuie sa le salvam, fara sa judecam modul in care s-a ajuns aici.

Daca aveti solutii contactati-ne prin mesaj privat. Va multumim!

“Terrible and an awful situation”, words that we do not like to use, but in this case we cannot say it otherwise. We were asked by the manager of a apartment block “to do something because it was impossible to live like this anymore”, because of a one room apartment in which an old lady had 29 cats in hellish conditions.
After an evaluation visit we realised that we did not have a long term solution and it would have been much easier for us to refuse any involvement, blaming anything: lack of space, time, funds, clear plans, no solutions for the animals or under one’s personal dignity.
Nevertheless, this Sunday morning we went there, to try save the cats and start cleaning the apartment.
All the cats were caught and taken to the clinic, where they were evaluated, treated and spayed. Now we find ourselves in an awful situation: we have 29 souls in our clinic, all cats coming from one single pair, not in their best health, scared, and the last thing we want is to bring them back.

In their names we ask for your help: by 15 March we must find solutions for as many cats as possible, such as: temporary accommodation (in quarantine) or permanent adoption. We ask for help for anyone that could get involved: charities, veterinary practices, shelters, private persons. Unfortunately, they cannot remain in the clinic after Tuesday.

PS. Let’s all try to be constructive and direct all our energy towards the animals that we must save, without judging how things got here.

If you have any solutions, please contact us by private message. Thank you!”

Mesaj preluat de pe pagina Visul Luanei.

pisici sterilizate

pisici in garsoniera

mizerie in garsoniera

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